DT Research 507T Medical-Grade All-in-One Computer

DT Research 507T
Medical-Grade All-in-One Computer

The DT Research 507T medical all-in-one computer boasts a 27″ screen and a slim, bacteria-resistant enclosure. Driven by a high-performance IntelCore™ i or Pentium® processor, the computer is an excellent option for a range of medical and healthcare applications. 

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, healthcare professionals can effortlessly monitor, record, and manage patient data, further enhancing their efficiency.

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The DT507T computer has a 27″ high-resolution touchscreen that is protected by IP65-certified sealing for protection against all foreign substances.


The 507T has a 4K resolution screen, perfect for spotting tiny details on data that matters- like X-RAY or MRI images.


With up to 4TB of Flash Memory storage, the 507T runs incredibly fast on a variety of simultaneous activities, streamlining service.


DT Research computers run on the familiar Microsoft Windows software, for a simple interface that can be used by anyone.

DT Research 507T front display

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DT Research 507T front display
DT 507T back view display
DT507T monitor side view display

Multi-functional Mobile Solutions

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Wifi and Bluetooth connection with an IntelCore CPU provides high-speed, reliable service from anywhere.

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VESA-mounting capability, for easy-to-install use in the back of a delivery truck, or onboard a moving ambulance.

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The 507T has 6 UBS ports, 1 HDMI, a headphone jack, and 2 ethernet ports to ensure a computer that can fill all of your business needs.

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Field Service

IP65 sealed front screen panel, and IPX2 sealed enclosure, for stronger protection against dust, dirt, and water droplets.

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Elegant, fanless, slim design with an antimicrobial enclosure, the DT Research 507T is easily disinfected against dirt and germs.

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Law Enforcement

The Programmable buttons of DT507T for easy call-to-action on any application, with up to 4TB of storage for custom software.

Power + Resilience

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