DT Research 362Q 6 Inch Rugged Handheld Tablet

DT Research 362Q 6 Inch
Rugged Handheld Tablet

The DT Research 362Q Handheld Rugged Tablet has a 6″ touchscreen display and a high-performance yet energy-efficient octa-core processor. DT Research 362Q is designed as a slim, lightweight, and durable package. 

Equipped with various features, including  Wi-Fi connectivity, a barcode scanner, and a back camera, the DT 362Q allows for effortless information capture and transmission, ultimately enhancing workflow.

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Designed to be a durable tablet, the DT362Q features MIL-STD-810G certification that shields it from shocks and vibrations.


Equipped with a Qualcomm 8-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage capacity, allowing for efficient information capture.


The DT Research 362Q tablet can be operated via Android or Wi-Fi enabling seamless and fastest data transmission.


The DT362Q handheld rugged tablet features a 2D barcode scanner that is also capable of reading 1D, in addition to an 8MP rear-facing camera.

DT Research 362Q black rugged tablet, back view

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DT362GL Handheld Rugged Tablet
DT362Q rugged tablet, left facing
DT Research 362Q mobile computer

Multi-functional Mobile Solutions

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The DT362Q is equipped with a 6″ capacitive touchscreen, a 2D barcode scanner, and an 8MP back camera.

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With Wi-Fi connectivity that allows efficient data collection and transmission, the 362Q can upload data from anywhere.

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Featuring a hot-swappable battery pack that can be replaced while the device is in use, this rugged tablet is ideal for fieldwork.

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Field Service

Slim and lightweight, at just 480g, the 362Q is durable enough to function correctly even in harsh conditions.

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DT Research 362Q is an IP65-rated tablet that is resistant to water and dust, and easily sterilized.

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Law Enforcement

The DT 362Q is certified to MIL-STD-810G standard to withstand a wide range of shock and vibration.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the DT Research 362Q 6″.

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