313T/MD tablet front view

DT Research 313T/MD
Medical Grade Tablet

Introducing the 313T/MD Medical Tablet, seamlessly combining a brilliant 13.3″ capacitive touch screen with the power of an Intel® Core™ i series processor, all within a sleek and durable package.

Features built-in front and back cameras, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the option for an integrated barcode scanner, the 313T/MD is designed to meet the diverse needs of medical professionals.

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The DT Research 313T/MD tablet boasts water-resistant, shock-resistant, and resilient qualities against vibrations, dust, dirt, humidity, and salt mist. It stands strong without the necessity for an additional protective case.


Provides strong, all-day performance with its durable battery and Windows capabilities. Plus, it features a convenient hot-swappable battery (5400mAh).


Equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11ax on both 2.4 and 5 GHz Dual Bands, the 313T/MD ensures constant connectivity and productivity, no matter your location.


Designed for superior durability, surpassing standard consumer tablets, while still retaining a slim and lightweight profile.

313T_MD with keyboard left facing

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313T_MD tablet back right facing
DT313T_MD tablet back view
DT313T_MD tablet front facing

Multi-functional Mobile Solutions

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Featuring a large 13.3” touchscreen, the 313T/MD is perfect for construction sites. Its powerful audio, sunlight-readable screen, and glove-friendly touch make it practical for various work settings.

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Built for easy use with gloves and in wet conditions, the DT313T/MD features 1 Power Button, 1 Trigger Button, and 3 Programmable Buttons for added convenience.

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Extended battery life guarantees prolonged multi-shift usage, combined with dust-resistant and water-resistant features to enhance durability. Additionally, the 313T/MD comes with a Hot-Swappable Battery (5400mAh) for added convenience.

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Field Service

Built to withstand drops and resist impacts, the DT Research 313T/MD ensures uninterrupted performance in challenging work settings.

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Built with a combination of ABS + PC Plastic and Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy, the 313T/MD includes an antimicrobial enclosure for medical safety.

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Emergency Care

Comes with a built-in foldable tabletop stand and an optional handle, the DT313T/MD offers added convenience for emergency care scenarios.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the DT Research 313T/MD.

Healthcare workers have a meeting at their office.

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