Desktop Printers

Desktop printers are compact and versatile printing devices designed for use in home or office environments. These printers are typically smaller in size compared to their larger counterparts, making them ideal for limited desk space. 

Despite their compact form, desktop printers offer impressive functionality, delivering high-quality prints for various document types, including letters, labels, photos, and more.

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Zebra ZD621

Zebra ZD621

4-inch Desktop Printer

Zebra ZD611

Zebra ZD611

2-inch Desktop Printers

Zebra ZD6221R printer

Zebra ZD621R

RFID Desktop Printer

Dark grey Zebra ZD611R desktop printer

Zebra ZD611R

RFID Desktop Printer

Zebra ZD600

Zebra ZD621-HC

Healthcare Desktop Printers

Zebra ZD611-HC

Zebra ZD611-HC

Healthcare Desktop Printers


Zebra ZD510-HC

Wristband Printing Solution

Zebra ZD421 printer

Zebra ZD421

Desktop Printers

Zebra ZD420c desktop printer

Zebra ZD420c

Thermal Transfer Printer

Zebra ZD421-HC Healthcare Thermal/Direct Thermal Printer

Zebra ZD421

Healthcare Direct/Thermal Transfer

Zebra ZD421-HC

Zebra ZD421C-HC

Healthcare Ribbon Cartridge Printer 

Zebra ZD411 Thermal/Direct Thermal Printers

Zebra ZD411

2-inch Desktop Printers

Zebra ZD411-HC

Zebra ZD411-HC

Healthcare Desktop Printer

Zebra ZD410 Direct Thermal Desktop Printer

Zebra ZD410

Direct Thermal Printer

Zebra ZD410-HC printer


Healthcare Direct Thermal Printer


Zebra ZD220

4-inch Value Desktop Printer


Honeywell PC42T barcode printer

Honeywell PC42T

Plus Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

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