Datalogic PowerScan PD9531-ARyello black handheld scanner, right facing

Datalogic PD9531-AR

The Datalogic PD9531-AR Barcode Scanner/Imager can easily read a close-up 1D/2D barcode, and scan at an extended reading range distance of more than 20m/65ft.

Lightweight and well-balanced, to ensure optimal operator comfort, the PD9531-AR comes with a built-in metal tether hook and user-friendly features, making it easy to use even for inexperienced users.

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Rugged Design

Rated with IP65, making it suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures, and designed to withstand drops of up to 2.0m/6.5ft.

Exceptional Performance

Featured with 1D and 2D imagers; omnidirectional and long-range scanning capabilities that can read all types of codes from any angle.

Wireless Connectivity

Scanner and cradle hardware is equipped with various interfaces such as RS-232, keyboard wedge, and USB ports to ensure a simple user interface.

Designed to Last

The PD9531-AR's performance and reliability remain unaffected even under harsh conditions, repeated shocks, or outdoor use.

Datalogic PowerScan PD9531-AR yellow and black handheld scanner in a cradle

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Multi-functional Mobile Solutions


Extremely rugged, the PD9531-AR can survive drops up to 6.6ft and emerged unscathed and read to operate.


Datalogic PD9531-AR is able to read any kind of barcode, regardless of the orientation, up to 6.5ft away.


Equipped with liquid lens technology for a softer flash, to prevent eye irritation from multiple barcode scans.

Field Service

Batteries on the PD9531-AR are all easily replaceable in the field so workers can keep on task with minimal disruption.


IP65 rating will keep the barcode scanner free from particulate contamination and water ingress.

Law Enforcement

The PD9531-AR is immune to light exposure and can withstand at least 50 drops onto concrete from a height of 2m.

Power + Resilience

Optimize your workflow with the Datalogic PD9531-AR.

Data Logic PD9531-AR man wearing a blue cap scanning a barcode with handheld scanner

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