Datalogic Joya touch review

The modern workplace has seen numerous technological breakthroughs, including the addition of mobile computers, that have made field jobs much simpler. Devices such as the DataLogic Joya Touch, come with a variety of features that simplify everyday tasks and allow for seamless business communications on the road.

In this review of the DataLogic Joya Touch mobile computer we’ll cover all crucial components and explain how this device may be able to help your business.

Overview and Specifications

Operating SystemAndroid 7.1 Nougat
MemoryOne GB RAM/Four GB ROM
Display4.3 inches
BatteryRemovable 3000 mAh
Processor806 MHz

Operating System

worker scanning in warehouse DataLogic Joya Touch

In terms of operating system, the DataLogic Joya Touch uses a bit of an outdated model. While the mobile computer does run on Android, you can upgrade your device up to Android 7.1 Nougat only, making it less than ideal for working in a fast-paced environment. Because they haven’t released an updated OS in the last couple of years, you won’t get a very reliable performance from your device. On the other hand, since it is Android, you are still getting a user-friendly and familiar interface.


Scanning barcode with Sonim RS60 mobile computer

The DataLogic Joya Touch uses a basic chipset that’s on the lower end of the spectrum, performance-wise. The 32-bit piece operates at just 806 MHz. As a consequence, heavy-duty multitasking isn’t something you can reliably perform on this device.


scanning grocery product DataLogic Joya Touch

The Wi-Fi system used by the DataLogic Joya Touch features standard security settings and is Cisco CCX v4-compatible. It does not however, have cellular capabilities so proximity to a wi-fi system would be necessary for wireless connections.

Additional Features

handheld barcode scanner device DataLogic Joya Touch

The DataLogic Joya Touch features an integrated barcode scanner for fast and easy scanning. You can use also use a pistol grip with the device, which is ideal for industries that process high amounts of barcodes. You also get the SoftSpot technology, allowing you to select the soft trigger position. However, the mobile computer doesn’t provide much in terms of safety features, ease-of-access, or ability to manage a large number of devices from afar.


Sonim RS60 mobile computer in warehouse

DataLogic Joya Touch’s display is on the smaller side with a 4.3-inch Gorilla Glass model that features 854×480 resolution.

Build Quality

Sonim RS60 Ultra-Rugged mobile computer

Although high build quality is an essential feature for each corporate user, the DataLogic Joya Touch may not be suitable for harsh conditions. There’s standard protection on the device edges and sides, but hardly any other properties that contribute to the item’s durability. As a consequence, you’d need to be careful handling the piece.


warehouse worker using mobile computer DataLogic Joya Touch

The DataLogic Joya Touch, comes with a replaceable 3.7V Li-Lon model that gives you 3000 mAh and about12 Watt-hours.


Sonim RS60 Scanning barcode

As far as storage goes, the DataLogic Joya Touch has just four GB of flash memory, not enough space to store a lot of documents, especially if you’re running a large organization. The RAM performance is also poor, offering you just one GB, which is nowhere near what modern operations necessitate.


handheld barcode scanning device DataLogic Joya Touch

Your field workers appreciate robust accessories. They allow them to use their mobile computers in almost any conditions, resulting in higher productivity. The DataLogic Joya Touch available accessories include:

  • Three-slot cradle
  • Trolley holder
  • Lanyard
  • Screen protector


Sonim RS60 using on Box barcode scanner

The DataLogic Joya Touch ranges from about $800 to over $1600 which is a bit overpriced considering the specs.


Sonim RS60 Gloves Warehous

DataLogic offers a one-year factory plan warranty on their Joya Touch series.

Bottom Line

While DataLogic is definitely an established player in the mobile computer space, you’re getting a very basic and limited device with the Joya Touch. The best advantages that the device offers is probably the pistol grip option however in terms of software and durability, it kind of lags behind. A better option for your business may be the Honeywell Dolphin CT60, or perhaps the GETAC T800.

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