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Optimal mobile connections for efficient operations.

Durable Mobile Communication

Connect, communicate, and capture images with one lightweight, fully rugged device.
CAT S62 Pro

Cat S62 Pro

With FLIR Thermal imaging

CAT S42 H with Construction Guy on Background

Cat S42 H+

hygiene plus with Silver-ion casing

Reliable Connections.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Construction workers and builders know that reliable connections are a must for onsite work. And while standard consumer phones can offer critical function and handy tools, they’re no match for the rugged, wet, and often hazardous conditions of construction worksites. 

That’s where Cat phones come in. Built to withstand exposure to dust, water, moisture, humidity and dirt, these rugged devices are designed to operate in the most extreme environments. 

With a plethora of essential tools from one touch PTT to Thermal imaging technology, the Cat S62 Pro provides enhanced functionality that will help builders save time and money

construction worker laying steel crossbeams

All-Terrain Rugged

Drop it, submerge it, spray it, soak it; Cat phones are designed to withstand shocks, drops, and exposure to the elements without any damage to your device.

Wireless Connections

Work from anywhere Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, on devices that sync with your business; all Cat devices are Enterprise Ready for easy management across multiple devices.

Thermal Imaging

Simple issue-detection with the integrated FLIR thermal camera that can detect potential heat and animal problems on the spot.

construction worker welding steel

every tool at your fingertips

Fully-rugged Build

Cat phones are engineered to work in all environments, and were built in a vacuum chamber, making them dust, dirt and particle- resistant.

Long life battery

Cat devices can be deployed for over 2 days with standard use, and last for up to 30 days of minimal use- perfect for one-shift or long-haul jobs.

Lightweight Design

No need to encase them. Despite their slim build, Cat phones have ultra-rugged exteriors that are absolutely smash-proof (up to 6ft).

Constructing a better business

The pinnacle of innovation and design. 


All Cat device are equipped with MDM technology; when you update one phone, you’ve updated them all. Use centralized software to alert workers to changes in schedule, building design, material drops and solve workflow issues, as well as installing custom software and apps. 

Connect anywhere

Use built-in 4G LTE connection and a long-lasting battery on Cat devices  to ensure worker safety through every aspect of the job. From the simple roof fix to the building demolition, keep employees safe and sound. 


Utilize Cat software to run a construction site more effectively with Cat’s Toolbox, which incorporates specifically curated applications for users, like the Cat S62 Pro’s FLIR thermal-imaging camera, a leveling tool, safety tips and more. Cat devices run on Android, notoriously simple to navigate. 

Increased Productivity

Enhanced screen sensitivity enables your Cat device to work in any environment- even with wet fingers, or gloves still on. A programmable tactile button gives users even more rapid-deploy options, like PTT or camera shutter capture. 

Built to Last

Cat devices are assembled in a high-pressure chamber, making them completely resistant to all foreign substances. With MIL 810H certification, and IP68-69 rating, these smartphones are rugged to the extreme. 

Any Situation

Wash your Cat phone while you wash your hands (or wash it with bleach) and take advantage of the silver-ion plated Cat S42 Hygiene +

Any Environment

With a temperature range from -30F to 160F, and waterproof to a depth of 6ft for up to 30 minutes, you can use a Cat device anywhere.

Any Shift

High-capacity battery allows Cat phones to work for up to 9 hours or more with high-speed connectivity.

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