Responsible Recycling

At Energy Electronics, we believe that we can all work together to protect the environment and ensure a healthier and better world.

Electronic sustainability is a key part of protecting our planet and we’re making sure to do our part. That’s why Energy Electronics is proud to hold both R2 and RIOS certifications for responsible electronics recycling practices.

Together, we can make sure that electronics are doing a world of good. 

Electronic Sustainability

Electronics have become a daily part of life for nearly every human on our planet. They have changed how we connect, how we play, how we learn, how we work, and how we live.

Since our electronics are constantly upgrading, we’re generating ever increasing electronic-waste by the minute. As responsible caretakers of the world, we need to think about what we do with our electronics, and how we do it. 

That’s why we work to adhere to the responsible recycling standards and implement the best practices in our operations. 

R2 Certification Energy Electronics

R2 was created by (SERI) Sustainable Electronics Recycling International. It stands for Responsible Recycling and is a grade created for the electronics recycling industry.  It incorporates Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems, Reuse and Recovery Strategies, Tracking Throughput, Storage and Security.  R2 Certification is international, and the current standard of the R2 Certification is R2:2013

RIOS certification Energy Electronics

RIOS, the Recycling Industry Operating Standard™, was created for companies to receive third-party certification through an ANAB-accreditation, which gives the facility the ability to market their facility as RIOS certified. A correctly executed RIOS management system will make any electronics facility a more environmentally sound company, and improve health and safety.