Cat® S62 Pro
Rugged Smartphone

Introducing the Cat S62 Pro, the ultimate rugged smartphone for all work environments

Running on Android 10, the S62 Pro hardware features a 12 megapixel Sony camera and signature FLIR Thermal Imaging technology. 

Designed for every situation, the S62 uses Cornell Gorilla Glass 6, and features military-grade reliability, with resilience to water, shocks, and extreme temperatures.

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Next Generation Thermal

The integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera provides extended insights and powerful diagnostic tools at your fingertips.

Fully Rugged

Featuring IP68, IP69 and Mil-Spec 810H certifications, the Cat S62 Pro is an ideal choice for harsh and rugged environments, with built-in resistance to water, dust, drops, impacts, and pressure. No protective case necessary.

Business ready

Running on Android 10 and equipped with a powerful battery and ample memory, the Cat® S62 Pro offers smooth and reliable performance for all your business operations.

Built to Last

Designed with extreme durability in mind, the Cat® S62 Pro lasts longer than standard consumer smartphones, provides its users with a lower total cost of ownership and helping reduce electronic waste.

CAT S62 Pro Angle View with FLIR Active

Rugged Redefined

CAT S62 Pro IP68
CAT S62 Pro Ip69

Waterproof, dustproof, and glove-friendly, the Cat S62 Pro can take on tough environments and emerge unscathed.

Dunk it. Drop it. Soak it. The Cat S62 Pro carries both IP68 and IP69 ratings and offers military-grade protection against drops and shocks.

CAT S62 Pro Gloves

Next Generation Thermal Imaging

advanced thermal imaging. anytime. anywhere.

With the Cat S62 Pro, professional-grade thermal imaging tools are instantly available at your fingertips. 

Powered by FLIR and featuring VividIR technology, the S62 Pro blends thermal imagery with visual images to offer enhanced detail for more accurate diagnostics.

From locating sources of leaks and draughts, to spotting electrical shortages, and determining temperatures, the Cat S62 Pro is an indispensable tool for workers across a range of industries.

The Ultimate Rugged Work Phone

Fully rugged and feature packed, the Cat S62 Pro is the perfect solution for any work environment.

Fire & EMT

Programmable side key, Push-to-Talk support, and the integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera provide crucial tools for first responders in mission-critical situations.


Detect and monitor potential issues with the integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera. Fully rugged, glove-touch support and optimized for outdoor environments.

Medical Field

Chemical-proof up to 3000 cycles of bleach cleaning and with zero-touch support, the Cat S62 Pro is easy to disinfect and eliminates the need for protective cases that harbor bacteria.

Business Managment

With 128GB of internal memory and Android Enterprise support for major EMM solutions, the Cat S62 Pro is optimized for easy deployment and management.

Law Enforcement

Ultra-durable, with One Touch Push-to-Talk, and a fingerprint sensor for added security, this smartphone enables law enforcement officers to effectively communicate and share data.

Extreme Sports

Equipped with a 12 MP camera and able to last up to two days on a single charge, the Cat S62 Pro is the perfect companion for thrill seekers and extreme sport enthusiasts.

Cat S62 Pro Photo Gallery

Unrivaled Durability

Learn more about the Cat® S62 Pro exceptional performance standards.

Customer Reviews

Energy Electronics worked with RCA for months looking into what would best serve our company's need for an iPad replacement.
We are incredibly happy with our experience with not only the device, but with Energy Electronics. Thanks, Jessica!
Shawn Langleiben
RCA Emergency Services
Great customer service from beginning to end. They were able to answer any questions I had within a very quick turnaround.
Thanks to Jessica for creating such a great experience.
Jon Symington
Strategic Account Manager, DeGroot Logistics

Helping Reduce Electronic Waste

The Eco-Conscious Choice

When you choose a rugged phone you’re taking responsibility to contribute toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

While standard consumer smartphones require frequent replacement, the Cat S62 Pro was built to last for an average of 3 years. The longer lifespan not only guarantees a reliable device, but also helps keep electronic waste out of the environment. 

Cat sources their phones from ethically-responsible materials, and with a strong commitment to the protecting the environment, these phones are helping to make a difference. 

Cat Phones Eco Conscious

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