Cat® S42 H+
Rugged Smartphone

Introducing the Cat S42 H+, the essential rugged smartphone that combines capability with durability.

Powered by Android 10 (with update capabilities), and built with extreme break-resistant hardware, the S42 H+ offers reliable performance when it matters most. 

Featuring a 5.5″ HD display with Gorilla Glass, the Cat S42 H+ provides a convenient user experience in a rugged, easy-grip package. The extended 48 hour battery life and enhanced 13mp camera make this smartphone the perfect solution for every workspace.

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Fully Rugged Design

Designed to withstand tough environments and rigorous use, the Cat S42 H+ is not only waterproof and thermal-shock proof, but also resistant to vibrations, dust, dirt, humidity, and salt mist. No protective case necessary.

Easily Disinfected

Featuring military grade hardware blended with anti-microbial silver ions, the Cat S42 H+ is the ideal smartphone for workers in hygiene conscious environments.


The programmable Push-to-Talk button, combined with the gloved-finger friendly and sunlight readable touchscreen, guarantee reliable performance in inclement weather and harsh conditions.

Built to Last

Expertly crafted and designed to last years without issues or needing repairs, the Cat S42 H+ is the perfect choice for a cost effective and environmentally conscious smartphone.

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Cat S42 H+

Hygiene Plus

Antimicrobial Protection

In an world where germs and bacteria are almost impossible to control, the Cat S42 H+ offers antibacterial silver-ion enhanced plating that is both environmentally friendly and absolutely safe.

Easily Santized

The Cat S42 H+ is built to be easily cleaned and disinfected. In addition to being bleach and chemical resistant, it's also fully waterproof which means you can wash it every time you wash your hands.

No Case Necessary

With a fully rugged exterior that meets military-grade standards, the Cat S42 H+ requires no additional casing, eliminating the need for a protective case that could accumulate and trap germs.

Cat® S42 H+

Spray. Scrub. Soak. Sanitize.

Cat® S42 H+ Disinfect
Cat® S42 H+ Waterproof

The Cat S42 H+ is designed to be easily sanitized, making it the smartphone of choice, whether you work in a hygienic conscious environment or in the harshest of conditions.

All external components of the Cat S42 H+ have been blended with silver ion-based antimicrobial additive for exceptional Germ Defense (ISO22196), keeping you, your colleagues and your family safe.

Cat® S42 H+ Clean

The Essential Work Phone


Resistant to dirt and with extra-loud audio, the Cat S42 H+ is optimized for outdoor environments. The sunlight readable screen works with gloves and wet fingers.


The Cat S42 H+ is resistant to dust, thermal shocks, and submersion in water, and offers extended battery life, making it an ideal choice for a factory setting.


Built-in silver ion antimicrobial protection reduces the spread of bacteria and offers defense against germs. Safely disinfect with with bleaches, soaps, and sanitizers.

Field Service

The easy-grip resilient exterior casing offers military grade protection against drops, making the Cat S42 H+ the perfect companion for field service workers.


Extreme durability enables drivers to complete deliveries without worrying about their phone breaking due to drops, tumbles, or inclement weather conditions.

Law Enforcement

The programmable One-Touch Push-to-Talk side key offers instant and reliable communication for law enforcement and security officers.

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Unparalleled Resilience

Learn more about the Cat S42 H+ exceptional performance standards.

Help Reduce Electronic Waste

Making a Difference

Choosing a rugged phone means taking responsibility to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

The Cat S42H+ is designed to last for an average of 3 years, more than double the lifespan of the average smartphone on the market. In addition to sparing you the headache of frequently replacing damaged phones, the longer lifespan also helps reduce electronic waste.

Sourced from ethically-responsible materials, and with a commitment to the enhancement of the environment, phones that come from Cat® are built to make a difference. 

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