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Industrial barcode label printers are devices designed to withstand rough conditions in most working environments. They typically come with fast printing speeds and durable designs.

We’ve selected the best solutions out there with high label printing volume to satisfy most deployments. Check our list of the top 15 industrial label printers, and hopefully, you’ll find a solution that works for you.

Top Industrial Barcode Label Printers List

Whether you’re looking for an industrial barcode label printer for warehousing, manufacturing, transport, automotive, hospital, or other industries, you can find solutions to fit most needs and budgets below.

Zebra ZT400 Series

Zebra ZT400 series

Zebra’s ZT400 barcode label printers are designed to boost industrial work productivity. Built with an all-metal frame and a bi-fold door, these printers allow easy access and high durability. There’s a 4.30-inch color display with a highly intuitive interface showing printer status alerts. The models are available in three print resolutions and two widths and can print up to 14 inches per second. The high-resolution printing (600dpi) and optional RFID capabilities for printing and encoding UHF RFI tags make this series extremely versatile.

The Zebra ZT printers are great for printing labels day and night. They’re easily suitable for high-demand use and come with simple management. If you work in the healthcare, transportation, retail, and manufacturing industries, you may want to consider the Zebra ZT400 series.

Cab Hermes+

CAB Hermes+ barcode printer

Cab Hermes+ is a printer designed for applying and printing labels automatically in production lines. It uses applicators and transfer modules to roll, tamp, or blow labels on packages and products. The printed products can vary in height, and the machine supports labels from 0.1 inches to 9.9 inches in height and 0.1 inches to 6.9 inches in width.


CAB Squix 4 printer

Cab SQUIX 4 is a barcode label printer that’s reliable, accurate, easy to use, and fast. It uses thermal transfer printing technology for black-and-white results. It has an interactive screen that gives users video instructions on stocking the device, cleaning its head, and printing the labels. The 300 dpi and a 4.17-inch maximum print width make this printer suitable for most manufacturing and warehouse deployments.

Epson C6000/C6500

Epson C6000 C6500

Epson printers are inkjet printers, making them different from Zebra, Cab, and other solutions on this list. These printers allow users to add color details to the labels. They have excellent color imagery and are super-fast and clean. If you need to print color labels daily, this is undoubtedly a device to consider. You can upload label formats according to your liking and change them anytime you want.

The large ink cartridge ensures infrequent changeovers. The main difference between the C6500 and C6000 models is in the printable label size. The latter prints 4-inch labels, while the C6500 can print up to 8-inch labels.

Sato CL4NX


If you’re looking for an RFID label printer, this may be the right fit for you. Sato CL4NX is excellent for use in high-security applications that require increased data storage and improved automation. There are different DPI solutions available for crisp imagery in different label sizes. Overall, it’s a sturdy, durable printer with excellent print quality. Before printing a barcode, the printer confirms there are no issues with the tags. Otherwise, it will show an error on the screen before any printing gets done.

Zebra ZD Series

Zebra ZD Series

Zebra ZD Series label printers are an update of the GX series and come with the same top-quality abilities and clamshell design. Features such as optional cutting, adjustable media sensors, and optional peeling make these printers suitable for most work processes. The main difference from the GX models is the multitude of interface options, including a colorful screen.

The models have a print width of 4.09 inches for 203 dpi resolution and 4.27 inches for 300 dpi. The maximum print speed is up to 6 inches and features full-width media sensors.

SATO CL6NX Plus Series

SATO CL6NX plus series

SATO CL6NX can print RFID labels, making it an excellent option for sectors requiring extra security and more data storage. The main difference from its cousin SATO CL4NX is the screen size. This one is a 6-inch model that can handle even more demanding printing applications. It has enhanced support for barcode symbologies, including RFID encoding.

The Label Tension Damper System (LTDS) allows for a broader range of media. The bi-fold cover helps reduce the overall area needed for printer operation (up to 54% less than competitors.)

The model comes with 203, 300, or 600 dpi resolution and a print speed of six to 10 inches per second, depending on the resolution.

Zebra 220Xi4

Zebra 220XI4

Zebra 220Xi4 is an industrial barcode printer suited for high-volume applications and tough environments. Known for its durability, high print quality, and fast throughput, this printer is one of the most cost-effective printers on the market. It has a print width of 8.5 inches, a 203- or 300-dpi resolution, and can print up to 10 inches per second. It’s one of the fastest printers on the list for chemical drums and similar wide-label applications.

This barcode printer is suitable for transportation, manufacturing, and retail use.

Honeywell PM43A

Honeywell PM43A

Honeywell PM43A is a robust industrial printer with an impressive 12-inch per second printing speed. It has a colorful, multilingual, and tamperproof touchscreen. The intuitive display shows notifications regarding the printing status and allows locking the interface to eliminate tampering.

It’s designed for mid-range industrial use, and it’s primarily used in the distribution centers, manufacturing, and warehouse sector. This printer also suits other deployments that seek fast turnaround time.

Intermec PD43 Printer

Intermec PD43 printer

Yet another powerful industrial barcode label printer from Honeywell is suitable for most applications requiring small footprints (4.1 inches), especially for tabletops and pull-out cabinets. It’s best used in airline passenger service, distribution centers, and warehouses.

The rugged metal chassis make sure the device withstands light- to medium-intensive industrial printing requirements. There’s no need to attach a PC to run apps on the device, and the print speed is up to 8 inches per second.

Citizen CL-S700II

Energy Electronics Citizen CL-S700II

If you’re looking for a space-saving, high-speed industrial printing device, Citizen CL-S700II is an excellent option. It has a Hi-Open case that lifts vertically, so the footprint doesn’t change as you open the cover. The resolution is 203 dpi, and the maximum print speed is 10 inches per second. The print width is 4 inches, with the media width from one to four inches.

Typical applications for this barcode label printer include healthcare, logistics, transport, manufacturing, warehousing, and rental or hire.

Toshiba B-EX4D2

Toshiba B-EX4D2 barcode printer

Toshiba is a well-known name in the technology world. Their printing solutions are one of the most robust ones as well. The Toshiba B-EX4D2 logistic and retail industry-friendly printer runs on the direct thermal printing technique most prevalent in those sectors. It has a small LCD screen, a status indicator, a 4.09 print width, and up to 12 inches-per-second print speed. The resolution is 203 dpi, and it supports most barcodes and 2D codes.

Printronix T6000e Barcode Printer

Printtronix T6000E

Printronix T6000e is a 6-inch-wide printer that can print 1D and 2D barcodes in multiple resolutions. It’s also among the most affordable solutions on the market. The printer comes in 203 dpi and 300 dpi resolution, runs on a direct thermal and thermal transfer print method, and has a maximum speed of 8 inches per second. The maximum printing width is 4.1 inches, and it supports optional full-, partial-, and high-speed cutters.

The most common application of Printronix T6000e is the manufacturing, retail, automotive, product and item label, and shipping and logistics sectors.

Honeywell PX940

Honeywell PX940 barcode printer

Honeywell PX940 is an industrial barcode label printer that takes printing to the next level with accuracy and simplicity. Its label verification technology makes sure barcodes are accurate and notifies the users of any issues. It has an impressive speed of 14 inches per second, making it suitable for highly dynamic operations.

This printer makes it easy to configure the printing options without using a computer. It’s primarily suitable for shipping and distribution centers, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and other sectors that require error-free, high-precision printing.

Datamax I-4212

Datamax I-4212 printer

Datamax I-4212 is an excellent award-winning barcode printer with a modular design, rugged reliability, and field-friendly options. It belongs to the mid-range industrial barcode printer category and is packed with features needed in shipping and receiving, product identification, asset tracking, and pharmacy labeling.

It has a range of printers featuring 203, 300, and 600 dpi printing resolution, an easy-to-read LCD for label configuration, and a sturdy design with a die-cast aluminum frame.

Looking for a Barcode Scanner to Pair?

Barcode printers are only as functional as the rest of the barcode management system. Sonim devices are mobile computers and intelligent scanner devices that act as barcode readers and connect directly to printers. They combine all logistic needs into an 8-inch rugged tablet with a glove-friendly touchscreen and a durable design.

The RS80 model runs on a Qualcomm MSM8953 Pro octa-core 2.2 GHz processor, has 4GB/64GB memory, an IP-67 rating, and an impressive 8200 mAh removable battery. The RS60 model comes with an 8000 mAh battery and a more compact size, but the performance doesn’t lag.

Using Sonim RS80 with handstrap

Sonim devices are an excellent complement to industrial barcode label printers and can be used in warehouse management, transportation, manufacturing, field service, law enforcement, and fire and EMS sectors. Their built-in scanning engine allows for ultra-fast barcode scans even in low-lighting conditions.

Talk to a Tech Expert

Industrial barcode label printers from our list can withstand working in all environment types, have fast printing speeds, and run on the latest printing technology. They are indispensable for managing products, packages, and data in the warehouse, manufacturing, airline, and plenty of other sectors.

Barcode printers often pair with barcode scanners, and Sonim devices are perfect solutions. You can combine them with any printer from the list and ensure a smooth barcode label scanning and printing experience for your enterprise.

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