Energy Electronics Team

About Energy Electronics LLC

Energy Electronics is America’s premier value-added reseller of corporate communications devices. Founded in 2014, we’ve quickly grown to become one of the leading sources of corporate logistic solutions in the US.

We’ve perfected a streamlined system of operations that enables us to move products quickly and efficiently. Our quality of service has helped us cultivate relationships with some of the biggest manufacturers in the business, and we leverage our connections to directly benefit our customers. 

At Energy Electronics, it’s all about providing personalized service and increasing productivity. Our ability to deliver precise and expedited results is just one reason why we continue to grow 50% year on year.

What We Do

Energy Electronics is a multi-faceted company that dominates the business communications industry. 

We facilitate the reselling of products designed to solve corporate logistic issues.


Delivering your products directly to the businesses and consumers who need them.


Supplying wholesalers and resellers with state-of-the-art communications devices.


Selling devices directly to consumers through our subsidiary Mr Aberthon.


I’m pleased with the quality of my purchase. It’s wonderful how things went so fast from the time of purchase to the time of delivery. Keep up with the wonderful and speedy way in which you deal with transactions…

Jerry W

January 1

Awesome product, delivered promptly at a fair price! Recommend this seller!

Michael FM

November 19

Awesome product and superior installation system, the best I’ve ever used, and I’ve had plenty of screen protectors over the years. I would buy these again without hesitation and I highly recommend them!

Ray W

November 8

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