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Energy Electronics LLC

Today’s workers leverage mobile computing along every step of the workflow. Finding the right devices however, can be a challenge.

At Energy Electronics we specialize in creating custom solution plans based on our clients’ business needs.

Talk to a solutions consultant and discover how to maximize your business, utilizing the latest technology. Energy Electronics will help you find the perfect mobile hardware for your operations.

Energy Electronics Mobile workforce devices
mand using rfid reader for inventory scanning boxes in warehouse
RFID Supply Chain Management Solutions

Dynamic RFID Solutions

RFID technology is reshaping the future of businesses by offering unparalleled efficiency and precision. It eliminates manual data entry and replaces traditional barcodes, enabling real-time tracking of assets, inventory, and personnel.

Energy Electronics crafts custom RFID solutions that tailor RFID systems to address each business’s unique challenges, seamlessly integrating them into existing operations. This technology promises a future where efficiency, precision, and profitability converge effortlessly, making it an indispensable tool for modern enterprises striving to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

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Advanced Product Configurator

The Matrix Product Configurator by Energy Electronics LLC is designed to assist users in finding the most suitable mobile computing solutions for their workforce.

It offers a streamlined approach to selecting and configuring products, ensuring that customers can easily identify the technology that best fits their specific needs in various industries.

Featured Products

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Energy Electronics Team

Why Choose Energy Electronics

At Energy Electronics LLC, we take pride in being the unrivaled leader when it comes to providing mobile hardware solutions. Our extensive range of top-quality products from renowned brands sets us apart.

With our expertise in understanding diverse client requirements, we specialize in finding the perfect solution tailored to your unique needs.

Choose us for our unmatched product selection, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to delivering the best-in-class mobile hardware solutions that drive success for businesses across industries.

Our Partners & Manufacturers

Explore cutting-edge products from leading brands.

Revolutionizing Businesses Across Every Industry

Energy Electronics LLC pioneers the implementation of mobile computing solutions across every major industry, revolutionizing operations, enhancing productivity, and fostering innovation through seamless connectivity and advanced decision-making capabilities.


Optimize warehousing operations with mobile computing, empowering real-time inventory tracking, efficient workflow management, and seamless communication among warehouse teams.
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Revolutionize healthcare with mobile computing, enabling remote patient monitoring, streamlined data access, and enhanced collaboration among healthcare professionals.
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Public Safety

Enhance public safety with mobile computing, enabling real-time communication, data access, and efficient emergency response.
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Revamp retail with mobile computing, enabling personalized experiences, streamlined inventory management, and efficient sales transactions.
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Last-Mile Delivery

Transform last mile delivery with mobile computing, optimizing routes, tracking packages, and ensuring timely and efficient delivery.
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Revolutionize the construction industry with mobile computing, empowering real-time collaboration, streamlined project management, and enhanced productivity on the job site.
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Strengthen military operations with mobile computing, facilitating rapid communication, enhanced situational awareness, and efficient decision-making on the battlefield.
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Enhance EMT operations with seamless communication, real-time patient data access, and streamlined emergency services.
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Devices that Work Faster Longer Better

Reduce operation expenses with advanced mobile computing devices. 

Energy Electronics specializes in providing highly durable mobile devices, designed to withstand the rigors of the workforce without any risk of breaking, dying, or failing. By offering such robust devices, we ensure uninterrupted operations, smooth logistics, and reduced equipment costs, as our devices boast significantly longer lifespans compared to standard tablets or handhelds.

Success Stories

Case Studies

Explore our case studies and discover how our range of technology solutions and services helped our clients overcome their challenges. Each case study provides insights into the obstacles they faced, the solutions we implemented, and the outcomes they achieved.

Energy Electronics Case Studies Geographer using rugged phone

Superior Logistic solutions

Providing hardware technology to help businesses improve efficiency and streamline operations.

Communication Solutions

Enhance customer relations and bolster company productivity

Inventory Tracking

Track your inventory using the latest technology

Logistic Solutions

Build a more efficient supply chain and maximize profits

Streamlined Operations

Accelerate your workflow and improve performance

Discover the latest insights in the world of mobile computing.

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